CARE (Corona Aid, Relief and Empathy) campaign

Amid COVID-19 lockdown, daily wage workers, slum dwellers, transgenders, laprosy patients, villagers and contract labors are in difficult situation. They neither have income nor any other means to buy enough necessary food, safety tools etc. Also, due to travel ban, they could not go to their natives and procure ration. Considering the situation, we launched CARE(Corona Aid, Relief and Empathy) campaign. Our volunteers are distributing Food packets which included 6 basic food items, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kits to educate these people on hygiene and precautions they need to take and also medicines to improve immunity.

Holistic Health Awareness Initiative

1) First Aid Kit Donation Drives

This is mainly for underprivileged and neglected human beings from our own nation. These are people who do not go to doctor for injuries because they can’t afford even small medical expense. They chose full meal over medical treatment. Unfortunately, small injuries turn into wounds and wounds turn into diseases and disabilities. The mark of advanced civilization should be availability of basic medical care to every human being on time. So this is our effort to provide basic medical facilities and First Aid kits to all such people. Also, we provide First Aid kits to organisations where people gather on regular basis still still basic medical care is absent.

Holistic Health Awareness Initiative

2) Secrets of Well-being 1.0 (SOW)

When we think of health, we usually think about diet, exercise, meditation etc. No one really thinks about most important aspect of our body is WATER. Over 70% of our body is water but we never pay much attention to it. Scientific research shows that Chronic dehydration is the root of all major diseases. Yet, we don’t know much about water. There are many such aspects of health which we are not aware.

Our foundation is determined to bring such cutting edge knowledge in light through SOW health awareness program.

Rural Empowerment Programs

JAYSHREE ISN(Inspire, Support and Network) model for Rural Empowerment:
– Inspire to live purposeful life,
– Support passion/development through training and resources,
– Network for integrated social growth

Why there is need of Rural Empowerment? Facts are alarming-
1)One in five people in developing countries live on less than US$1.9 a day and most live in rural areas!
-Food And Agriculture Organization of United Nations
2)India’s 60-65% population stays in rural areas.

Through our charitable activities, we came to know about socio-econimic condition of indian rural areas. We understood POOR as “Presently Out Of Resources”. Resources do not always mean infrastructure. It includes lot of things from systems thinking, inspiration, purpose, guidance as well as things like tools, skills, opportunities, social intelligence and of course infrastructure. If we provide right kind of resources at right time at right place, rural empowerment is practically possible. Please check out details of JAYSHREE ISN model in Articles section.

Environmental Awareness & Protection

We all inhale air what trees exhale and trees inhale air what we exhale. So this is a beautiful ecosystem designed by nature. There is no bigger friend than nature. We need to nurture this relationship by planting and conserving trees.

Let’s unite for well-being of every being!

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